I help females who want an extra income go from feeling stuck without a plan to having a brand-focused, passive business. One that they can build on autopilot by uncovering their superpower and turning a passion or interest into a simple digital product using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method. 

a brand strategist, content marketing pro, serial entrepreneur, Margarita lover, and founder of the stay in your lane brand method.

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When your daily decisions are rooted in the core beliefs of your brand, you will always be confident in your actions. You will not waiver in the face of conformity or comparison. - Kristin Korn

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Stop talking about this is the year you take your business to the next level and do it! This online library is loaded with creatives and content to expand your digital reach to attract new clients.



Lacking a consistent visible presence with a cohesive aesthetic? Meaning, does your content visually look out of whack? Not giving the best first impression? For brand elements, logos, and more...


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You know that online education can make an impact on your business, and you've come to me for my best advice? You got it! I have a brand method to put your skills to use and your content into attraction mode.

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A branding and business podcast for female entrepreneurs. Each bite-sized episode helps you take immediate action on the fundamental strategies for building an effective personal brand and business in today’s social environment.


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I believe when you can think less about actually monetizing and put more effort into creating high-value original content that your niche audience cares about, you’ll find more success with deeper connections. That’s what makes my signature Stay in Your Lane Brand Method so valuable.

This is your moment in time.
People’s attention is online. 

If you want to reap the rewards of this digital era, you must become more digital and market your personal brand to gain the attention of your niche audience and bring them into your sales process.

I invite you into my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, where I offer not only on-demand education but also graphic design services, content marketing, and social media management.

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Find confidence in your personal brand marketing so you can stand out online, get noticed by more clients, and avoid becoming a carbon copy of other business owners in your industry.

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How To Uncover Your Superpower To Create Meaningful Content That Attracts New Clients In Less Than A Week.

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