When leads dry up, I can help.

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When a small business runs out of word of mouth referrals they don't know how to acquire customers online.

Kristin Korn has developed a proven strategy to get your brand in front of more ideal clients. So you can gain new customers without spending hours each day doing it yourself.

You're tired of relying on friends and family to tell their friends about your business.

Even if you are lucky enough to get a few referrals, it's tough to scale your business that way. You need more online leads, but you don't know where to start.

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I can help.


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Kristin Korn is your go-to gal for building a successful brand. She knows everything there is to know about working with personal brands to reach more ideal customers online, without spending hours each day doing it yourself. Her digital marketing funnel is top-notch, and her brand strategy development services are second to none. Trust Kristin to help you take your business to the next level!

DOWNLOAD MY brand roadmap

"Before working with Kristin and her team, I was all over the place with my message, ultimately serving no one. Kristin is efficient and effective; I lead with efficiency because, as a business owner ~ I look for partners that can professionally and quickly solve my problem. Kristin and the team deliver results professionally, ultimately saving me time. I know to stand out, you need an effective and consistent message. Kristin and her team are great about reminding me of my brand; I can quickly go AWOL as a creative! They gently keep my bumper rails tight! Kristin’s FUN process to niche down and then package that message beautifully was the initial reason I chose Core Brand Marketing. The amount of time she saves me on the monthly plan keeps me with them… plus, she’s cute!"

- heidi bellerjeau

"Kristin has been a critical part of turning what was simply an idea in my head to reality in an authentic way and paints an accurate picture of my personal brand. I would never have gotten to this place without her vision and talent! Trusting her with my brand was the best decision I could have made to get to the next business level."

- amanda grask

"Everyone should HIRE HER! She is so on top of it. Not only is she organized, but she is also smart, efficient, and focused on getting things done. My biggest take away working with Kristin is that is was so worth it. She made my project come to life and helped me with something I had been thinking about for 10+ years come to fruition."

- tara tonsetic

"The Personal Branding Roadmap and Kristin's Consulting has completely changed the way I look at personal branding and business. To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed with all of the business ideas and opportunities that I had in front of me. I used her guidance to find a way to merge all my passions together and develop the perfect business model for ME."

- Kelly shepherd

"Kristin is incredible at getting right to the core of your problems. She was able to take my jumbled up brain and help me with a long term plan for passive income! I love Kristin's passion for helping others get their businesses off the ground. Kristin is great at helping you organize your thoughts, put it to paper and plan your future. Her knowledge for branding is top notch!"

- kristin longacre

"This girl knows what she is talking about. She took me from step 1 to step 10 in one month.  I had spent more money than I cared to spend on other business and branding coaches.  When my time expired with them, I was left not being any closer to making my vision a reality and I was more frustrated than when I started. Signing up with Kristin was my last try. I told her my past experiences and questioned if I would be able to learn enough from her in one month of consulting. That is now laughable, because I am further ahead and learned more in one month, than in the whole last 12 months. I'll never stop working with kristin!"

- cheryl cline

I help small businesses get their brand in front of more people so they can acquire new online customers without relying on word of mouth marketing.

I believe digital marketing is a key ingredient in branding success. It can help you create connections with customers online and generate interest in your product or service. 

Using my signature Digital Branding Roadmap, you can gain new customers without spending hours each day doing it yourself.

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I'm kristin korn.
Your New Digital Branding Strategist

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My Digital branding strategy gives you the roadmap and tools you need to create a lead generation machine. 

As an expert in digital marketing, I can help you create a strategy that will get you in front of your ideal client. Using my unique approach to digital branding, you'll be able to attract more leads than ever before.


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It's hard to stay on top of everything as a female entrepreneur. It doesn't matter if you're starting out or have been in business for years; there are always new things to learn and improve upon. The Social Note is the solution you've been looking for. We provide you with an online community and training library to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and technologies to grow your business.


YES, build it for me!

Getting your brand in front of the right people can be challenging. You need to create a strong digital presence, but where do you start? With strategy and build-out, CORE Brand Marketing Group is here to help you grow your business by getting more leads in the door using digital marketing strategies that work.

DIY your Brand

DIY! let me start here

The process of building a personal brand yourself can be intimidating and confusing. There are so many different things that go into creating your online presence - how do you know which ones to focus on? I assembled this bundle of courses specifically for beginners looking to get into digital branding with an emphasis on brand identity, blog, email, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing.

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I encourage women to take control of their brand reputation as they build a purpose-driven business online. - Kristin Korn