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What am I overly passionate about?
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I love guiding purpose-driven CEOs on how to turn a passion or interest into a profitable brand-focused business they are proud to build and monetize using a strategic online marketing plan.

What that means is I want to pull from your past experiences, which I call your brand influence, to help you monetize your brand and encourage others!

When not logged in working from my home office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri - you can catch me sitting by our pool sipping margaritas, attending SEMO or K-State sporting events, or traveling. I love happy hour with girlfriends and will never pass up a Mexican meal.

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| Cold weather, give me the desert or island any day
| Anything spicy, I know I'm in the minority here
| Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
| Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win
| Scary movies... no thanks!
| Small talk
| Fake people


| Strolls on the beach, feeling the sun on my back
| Distressed denim and graphic tees
| Margarita on the rocks with salt
| Daily devotion and long talks with the man above
| Sushi with extra soy sauce
| Deep conversations
| Queso and Guacamole


"When we live a passion-filled life we are living on Purpose... and that is the Purpose of Life."

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Our family of four humans + cat + dog + hamster live in a small Missouri town brought here by my husband's college coaching profession.

His 17-year Division I basketball coaching career has blessed us with many lifelong friendships, experiences, and bucket list trips.

Our love is to travel and deposit new family memories. We try to visit the Caribbean at least twice a year and have become obsessed with the relaxed, gorgeous island life. So far our fav spots are Turks & Caicos Islands and Exuma, Bahamas. 


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how did it all start?

It was 2015, and I was three years into my direct sales business when I had become obsessively frustrated with the copy-and-paste marketing tactics reinforced throughout the industry.

As a creative, I knew there had to be other ways to connect with my audience than company photos and repetitive sales captions.

I knew my audience had to feel the same way if I was sick and tired of seeing the same images and promotions in my timeline. So I searched high and low for a marketing roadmap to help me stand out.

I turned to internet marketers, influencers, bloggers, authors, and others in my industry. I even bought over $10,000 in online courses + workbooks to LEARN how to grow an online business.

While I never found what I was looking for in an online marketing plan, all this learning intensified my interest and skillset for personal brand marketing.

By using brand-focused copywriting and creative techniques, I made connections with my audience in a way I had never done before.

While this new marketing approach catapulted my direct sales business to a top rank in the company, it left me feeling unfulfilled. 

With a decade of business experience under my belt, I found myself enthusiastic, yet timid, about teaching others.

But I set all fears aside and started my branding business in February of 2017. I had 5 seconds of insane courage after God gave me an idea to create an email subscription for personal brand marketing tips.

I had no plan, no fancy course platform, just myself, a Mailchimp email account, a PayPal account, and a passion for creative branding and marketing.

What began as 11 clients in my first month grew into 10,000 female business builders learning my method in my first four years.

Using my approach to brand strategy combined with automated marketing practices, I was building my list of high-quality leads filled with women across the globe.

These were motivated women who, like myself, felt the drive to do more beyond direct sales. 

Weekly emails in 2017 turned into a blueprint course in 2019, a membership library in 2020, and a Business Building Roadmap with a signature course offered in 2021.

But my most esteemed achievement has been developing my 1:1 personal brand strategy and marketing services after selling my direct sales business in April of 2020. 

What started as a handful of individual clients is now CORE Brand Marketing Group. In our first year, we helped over 30 business builders attract and retain loyal customers with a strong brand strategy encompassing their skills, positioning, and sales offers. 

So because I continued to test ideas, take action on my restlessness, listen to my heart, and follow my passions instead of money, I’m here today to take the hard out of building a purpose-driven business.

Using my signature Business Building Roadmap, I help you define and market your unique brand strategy through consulting, courses, and a membership library.

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just what I need!

You want to ditch the hustle to do more purposeful work and impact those whom you are meant to serve, but you’re feeling deserted and discouraged with trying to figure everything out on your own; therefore, you need to lean on others who’ve gone before you and follow their actionable steps to begin building your business from a place of rest.


YES, build it for me!

You want to attract and retain loyal customers, but your current sales and marketing strategy isn’t gaining you online leads; therefore, you need a team to develop a sustainable and effective brand strategy that encompasses your skills, positioning, and sales offers.

DIY your Brand

DIY! let me start here

You have a deep-down desire to fulfill your potential, grow personally, and take action to follow your passion, but you don’t know how to start sorting through a brand strategy or online business plan; therefore, you need a DIY program to walk you through how to define, build, and market your brand.

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