How to Set Up a Passive Paycheck With A Simplistic Sales Process

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Many people think you can make a few posts a week about your products to Instagram and Facebook and that sales magically drop into your bank account.
But that’s not how running an online business works… and that’s precisely why I believe so many get frustrated when selling on social media or starting a new business.
They are neglecting the entire sales process.

what if you could SHINE A LIGHT ON your...

You can get away with “making one-off sales” using only social media for a bit but having a clearly defined online sales process goes beyond knowing how to make a sale or close a prospect.

Your sales process is the set of steps you follow as you move a customer through your sales funnel. Your funnel starts when a prospective client is first introduced to your brand and continues after a sale is made.

What’s so incredible about having a set sales process is that you can automate most of your customer interactions from prospecting to selling to nurturing.

I've done it. I'm doing it for clients. I want to show you how to do it yourself.

turn your CORE Foundation into a profitable brand-focused, passive business

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It sounds easy to make money by referring products to people as an affiliate marketer, joining a direct sales company that will retire you from your career, or drop shipping products you don't own. But the truth is, the actual numbers and income with those decisions aren't supporting the claims made.

You see, when you sell a product you don't own, you have ZERO control. When the product goes out of stock, the company makes a BIG PR mistake, or the customer service goes down the tank... you get hammered. You end up building their brand, their audience, and their list instead of your own.

My number one secret to building a profitable, sustainable business is to sell a product you created and that you own.

sell a product...

you create + own

i get it... you have enough on your plate that fills your day now. is taking the time to build a Sales Process worth it? 

If you want to create another stream of income without overtaking other priorities and responsibilities, stop hiding behind closed doors, the gifts, and talents you possess. Or even if you want to share your knowledge to impact and benefit the lives of others, then this is the most crucial page you'll visit all year!

Here's why...

You are made for more, and keeping your talents, passions, and interests to yourself will not spark a change or empower others unless they are shared!

you are...

made for more

When you have a clear sales process, you can:

Shorten the customer journey and move a prospect through your funnel more quickly

Develop more strategic content marketing strategies

Bring more consistent, and quality leads into your sales funnel

Deepen connections with customers and followers

Increase your customer lifetime value and how much they spend with you

Reduce your customer acquisition cost

Grow your list of customer referrals

Make your brand more profitable faster

"People who sell products or services on a temporary or project basis, including those who sell digital downloads - made up 34% of the US workforce in 2017, and that number is expected to grow to 43% by 2020. And if you want to get in on this burgeoning economy, a market which was valued at $3.7 trillion and is still growing - there’s no easier way than to create a digital product."

- Lauren Cochran, Podia.com

I help women go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of building a confident, brand-focused online business.

I believe your life experiences and layers of pivots help define what you stand for and lead you to a life with purpose.

Using my signature Stay in Your Lane Roadmap, I help you generate high-quality leads and increase sales conversions by applying an automated simplistic sales process through consulting, courses, done-for-you solutions, and a membership community.


I'm kristin korn.
Your new Creative & Sales Strategy Coach.


I teach you how to use your CORE FOUNDATION to monetize your influence by solving the number one problem of your ideal client.

Whether you develop a digital product or have a tangible one in mind, I will teach you step-by-step how to build a confident, brand-focused business by applying an automated simplistic sales process.

The Benefits Inside...

Help you leverage your knowledge to create a passive income

Save you time hiring out set up services or learning how to build an online business all on your own

Skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop most people from getting their business up and running

You'll know exactly how to set up and update a sales process that will run on auto-pilot

You'll have more happiness and feel full of purpose as you serve others with your talents and skills

You will feel more confident as you start writing your legacy and what you want to be known for

You will be seen as an expert in your niche and gain credible authority

You will feel empowered to help shine a light on other women

Passive Paycheck Workshop

what's included...

5 online Workshops + Sales Process Overview 

Idea Generator Workshop: Use my tips to determine the best product line up for you based on your skills and experience. Serve your niche market with a strategic value ladder and digital product. 3 video lessons (Value $997)

Lead Magnet Workshop: Build the best lead magnet (ebook, quiz, etc) for your business that will produce endless leads to generate income from your sales funnel.  3 video lessons (Value $997)

Email Marketing Workshop: Set up your domain email, email sequences and automations to deliver valuable content at the right time. 3 video lessons (Value $997)

Blog Marketing Workshop: Learn how to set up your blog, write content, choose blog categories, and write posts to get the best organic reach for your content. 4 video lessons (Value $1297)

Product Launch Workshop: Use my step-by-step guidance to set up your entire online sales page and platform, and write effective copy for your pre-launch teasers. 3 lessons (Value $997)

"After implementing KRISTIN’S SALES PROCESS METHOD, I feel like I have a real business on social media. I recently set up my sales process with an active blog, free download, and email sequence and am in the process of creating my first course offer. After my first 60 days I had 132 downloads and new people on my email list."

- Jennifer B.

"using on Kristin’s sales process method, my business portfolio contains not only a working farm where we sell veggies, pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, and eggs, but also an online store that sells e-books and downloads on everything from how to cook the perfect Thanksgiving dinner to homesteading for your family. I had never even thought about this before as an income stream!"

- Kelly S.

"Before working with Kristin, I felt confused, overwhelmed, anxious, but I knew I had something to offer the world.  I knew I wanted to coach and train individuals and teams to find and achieve their true potential.  I knew it was possible, but all the details and systems to get it up and running seemed way too far out of my comfort zone.  So much it almost kept me from launching my business at all.  I decided to partner with one of the smartest ladies I know, Kristin Korn.  We worked together to get my ducks in a row, my systems in place, my thoughts down on paper, and I left with a business, not only that, but a purpose.  After launching my business with Kristin, I brought in $2,500 my first full month and have no interest in ever looking back."

- Sara R.

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 100+ Page Digital Workbook to easily implement the five workshop lessons.

With guest trainer Jennifer Burkhart. Learn the importance of reaching your niche audience where they are looking for you. Video + Workbook (Value $297)

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Canva Digital Product Mockups for streamline marketing and sales pages.

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When You Take Action Now

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Lead magnet Workbook

Canva Lead Magnet Workbook Template - save hours designing your own.

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Learn How To Build An Automated Sales Process: Create streams of income which means you can work less and enjoy more time freedom


Get back in your lane: Live in alignment with your core purpose which means enjoy the work you do and who you get to serve


Impact The Lives Of Others: Empower others which means enhancing your life with more purpose and fulfillment


you will gain three things



If you don’t feel as the information you learn inside the weekly videos and 100+ page workbook provided in the workshop were worth your investment - based on the results you generated over the first 30 days, show me you’ve put in the work, and I will refund your investment. Just signup and test me out. If I’m not your mentor, no harm, no foul, ask for a refund. But if you’re like my other students, this can literally be a new beginning for you as you develop a sales process for your business.

This online workshop could literally change your life as you build an automated sales process and open your eyes to all the hidden income possibilities available today in this digital world we live in.