(So you DON'T have to research all the top platforms, tools and business building techniques on your own)

"Finally! How To take your business to the next level"

• scale my business

• be supported by like minded entrepreneurs

• increase my impact

You want sell more products and programs. You want to create content that attracts your niche audience. And hand raised, YES! you want to up your confidence game to become an expert (like you dream of) in your field.

"I've learned more tips and business building strategies in the last 9 months being in Think Tank Toolbox than I have in my last 5 years in business ownership doing it all on my own!"

my promise to you...

My name is Kristin Korn and I am an expert in Personal Branding and Business Building.

I've taken everything I've learned from my experience as a marketing director in the corporate world and from building my businesses from scratch over the last 20 years and channeled it into this self-study toolbox full of strategies you can start implementing in your business today! 

I know how hard it is to not only find the right platforms and systems to use to grow your business, but how to actually technically USE them!

I don't want to see you sit still any longer. Your dreams CAN happen, if you commit to learning new things. 

This Think Tank Toolbox is going to give you everything you need to navigate building a lasting, scaleable business without ever feeling overwhelmed.

I have first-hand access to the best platforms and software available and I want to help you use and excel at using them the same way I've done.

Every day spent without purpose and direction in your business is money wasted and I don't want that for you as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Dear Female Entrepreneur,

Here's a glance of what you get when you join think tank toolbox...

Discover how to scale your business in order to reach more people

Take your business to the next level without wasting time and money learning every growth strategy on your own

Skip past all the mistake and obstacles that stop most business owners from scaling

Know exactly how to navigate new social channels and marketing avenues by leaning on other business owners who've gone before you

Grow your business and paycheck as you continue to learn new ways to scale your business

Be proud that you invested in your future self and grew NOW when you had the chance

Get your time back by relying on strategies that help you automate your business like a pro

Step into your expert role as you begin to reach and help more people with your product or service

A private, members-only community and stocked toolbox for Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs like yourself. This is a safe place to learn, be supported, and collaborate with women on the same build-a-business mission as you.

- Jennifer Burkhart, Iowa

so my question to you is...

Why are you dragging your feet to scale your business? Why haven't you started that email list, written more entries in your blog, or gone live on Facebook in the last month?

Your vision is to bring more people in to your business but what's stopping you from growing? 

It's time you stop wasting time. It's time you stop sitting in your comfort zone only dreaming of growing your business larger. It's time you stop watching other people use business building tools to grow their business.

it's time you put purpose behind your own business and start scaling

so what's included?

instant access to over $10,000 worth of video trainings, workbooks and tutorials 

This private, members only Facebook group will be the spot to connect with myself and other female business builders. This group will be an on-going collaboration hub to toss around campaign ideas, marketing techniques and business scaling tips.

Access to the online password-protected toolbox full of video trainings, workbooks and tutorials that will help you scale your business. This toolbox is always growing and being updated with new ways to attract your niche audience and promote your personal brand. 

members-only facebook group

online access to the toolbox

As questions arise in your business for the week, don't hesitate to tag me in the Facebook Group so I can directly help you. Learning new things shouldn't be done alone so I'm offering my time to help keep your business moving. *does not included phone calls or video chats

online access to kristin

here is just some of the self-study lessons inside the toolbox (or ones *coming soon!) 

content strategy

social media planning

email list


as well as lessons on...

*facebook groups

seasonal ideas
micro holidays

live stream video
Bonus graphics
personal branding
*running ads

new lessons added monthly! *coming soon

Learn simple to use copywriting techniques that will keep your original content flowing.  Have call to action and content ideas at your fingertips so you never waste a moment connecting to your audience. These lessons cover everything from where to find content for your niche audience, rules to content creation to swipe files for content prompts.

Never be left with empty posts again. By using easy to use social planning programs your content will flow endlessly to your audience. Use my secret planning strategies that will have you working less and connecting more. Includes a copy of my Media Kit Planner, discount code for my online posting platform apps and more! 

When you commit to showing up in the inbox of your niche audience you are setting the groundwork for a lasting relationship with your clients. I will teach you how to set up an email list, the tech side behind choosing an email provider and getting started, as well as swipe files for content and subject headings.

Your impact can only be made my publishing original content on the regular. When you can give your audience valuable information that will help them, they will continue to come back for more. I will teach you how to set up a blog, what to write about, and how to share content with your audience in new, creative ways.

what will your business look like when you can increase your reach and impact using these mentioned strategies and tools?

it's going to look (& feel!) pretty incredible, right? :)

You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. Fellow Think Tank Toolbox members and kristin will help you to see the potential you are missing out on and help you get back on track today.

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