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I've always been a learn as I earn kind of gal, so I get it if you want to invest in education to learn how to do things yourself. Over the last few years, I've personally invested over $10,000 to learn marketing, social media, branding, and business strategies, which led me to create my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method. 

I know the value that comes with online education and the impact it can have on your business when you put into action what you learn.

Both my challenge and course are built around my method and will set you up for success! ... and won't cost you anywhere near $10k!

This you? ... view my method in action here.

14-Day challenge

Do you have a brand or just a business? This challenge will equip you with the road map to navigate, discovering the foundation for your unique personal brand that will bring confidence to your business and your life about WHO you are and what value you have to offer. Self-Discovery is the MOST IMPORTANT step for your business that many entrepreneurs miss the mark on big time. 

After these 14 Days, you will overcome feeling lost on your life's journey to business ownership and success as you learn what it takes to make a lasting impact as a personal brand. 

Let's set your business up for success right now! Jump in on this on-demand challenge today!

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brand strategist + educator

Branding course

Wanna learn how to use what you discovered in the self-discovery challenge and create content that will attract new clients to your business? This course is your next stop on the roadmap. It is perfect for small business owners, influencers, bloggers, direct sales consultants, and entrepreneurs. 

This course teaches you how to speak to your niche audience using high-value content to create deeper connections.

Learn how to deliver content in a strategic, yet authentic way that will grow your audience and thus your business. 

Have a business to grow? This course is your next stop to master creative and content marketing.

This is what I need!



There's nothing worse than not having anything to post, right? You know you need a cohesive aesthetic to your content and be authentic, yet you find creatives hard, and the right words just don't come out of your mouth?

For the last several years, I've been using a stock membership from Canada that YOU now have access to inside my library membership.

Not only is my library updated weekly and contains over 5,000 hi-quality photos YOU will want to use in your content marketing. But I've also loaded it with captions starters and all the video lessons you will ever need to expand your digital reach with less effort.

Ready to take your business to the next level? This library is the membership you need to be a part of to scale!

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Details are hard, and you lack the tech-knowledge, or creative skill to do it yourself or the patience to spend the time to learn how. No worries.. remember, I've dug into new platforms for years and have this mastered.

Need me to control your Instagram feed? Set up your email? Develop your lead magnet? ... or manage your entire social portfolio so you can less worry about what and when to post and spend your time on one on one conversations?

I have several design and marketing services available tailored to your specific needs. My brand team is ready to work for you!