the branding bites podcast delivers weekly Bite-sized strategies to keep your personal brand front and center. If you want to make a more significant impact and see bigger results in your business you are in the right lane!


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Ep 86: Lead Magnets: Why You Need Them and How to Use Them

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How do I build my personal brand? Use my brand colors? Know what to talk about? Increase my impact and income?

These are just some of the big questions that brand strategist and educator, Kristin Korn, dishes out weekly on the Branding Bites Podcast.

Each bite-sized episode helps you take immediate action on the most important branding strategies for building a brand and not just a business in today’s social environment.

Kristin’s specialty is helping females starting a business go from feeling stuck without a plan or direction for their brand to becoming laser-focused and overflowing with confidence on how to utilize social media to deliver content with purpose for impact and monetization.

Want to build a reputable personal brand that will keep you relevant and resilient over time?

Need help creating authentic content which builds trust and gains the attention of your niche audience?

Lost on how to consistently promote and position yourself as an expert?

Discover why thousands of online business owners turn to Kristin Korn to increase their visibility and influence and to make sense of their brand strategy.

Your brand isn't about becoming someone you aren't but instead being more intentional about who you are and what you value you have to offer.

Tune in to see what value-packed branding bites Kristin has to share next!

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