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In order to gain the trust of your readers, prospects or buyers you must not overlook creating CONSISTENCY in your visual language.

so what's included?

five color brand palette

three custom logo variations

Consistency in your brand palette allows your audience to build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer. For some brands, the color palette is more recognizable than a logo so take time determining yours. As you choose a five-color palette that represents your brand, I will use these hues to design your three brand logos. I will also provide you the hex code numbers so you can use them in all your visual identity.

Since branding is more than just one logo, I custom design three logo variations for you to build your one-of-the-kind, cohesive, and streamlined brand. Your brand identity is a system that represents you, your missions, and values. Your design elements should all work together as well as separately. Your final collection will include a minimum of six logos from each of these three logo variations. The final portfolio uses your 5-color palette to offer you a (minimum) total of 18 digital PNG files with a transparent background for easy watermark placement. 

main logo

alternative logo

submark logo

The alternative logo is simply a shorter version of your main logo. Alternative logos are the variations of your main logo and it can be for example logo without the tagline, a stacked version, icon, badge and so on. This is usually the most used logo from your portfolio.

The Submark logo is a simplified version of your main logo. It's mainly used as a social media profile picture, favicon, footer logo, on business stationery or other graphics. Submarks are usually in geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles, squares etc. Sometimes it’s a symbol that represents your brand in a minimal way.

brand questionnaire

To get to know your vision and brand goals we'll start your design process with a comprehensive brand questionnaire. This online form includes questions about your business, brand, target audience, and style preferences.

private online portal

As our partnership unfolds, having a portal to store proofs, house all communication, and a safe place for your final logo portfolio collection is essential.

design inspiration

I've designed logos for hundreds of business owners like yourself, which means I have plenty of sample designs and popular palettes to guide you when you are choosing your personal brand visuals. You will have access to my private Design Guide to help you with your brand questionnaire and design preferences.

2-3 Font types

The typefaces you use (and the effect they make) will frame the way your brand communicates visually, which means that it's important to choose fonts that match your brand voice. The fastest way to make a design look unprofessional is to mess up your type. Your three custom logos will be designed using 2-3 fonts. The font names are provided inside your final Logo Design Portfolio.

Not sure what palette fits your personality? CLICK HERE to take my color quiz to find out!

digital brand board

Nothing speaks visual language as a brand board does. After your collection is final, you will receive a digital copy of your brand board, which showcases all your brand elements including logos, color palette, font combinations, and design elements.

Your main logo is designed using wordmark or combination mark design styles. This text-based logo is simple and sleek and says a lot about your brand. It can contain elements such as icons, illustrations, symbols or initials. This logo is mainly used on your website, printed marketing materials, and professional publications.

total value $4,997

(Regular Investment is $497)

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brand elements

Using the same elements on your website, Instagram stories, and graphics will bring your brand full circle where people will know it's your content without even seeing your name. That's when you know you are on-brand. You will receive (5) brand elements, social icons, and (2) background textures to complete your look.

imagine how it will feel to have a brand that is... 


Every minute you wait to get your own "Logo Design Portfolio" is another minute you may never become a recognizable brand without a consistent brand identity. Put the power of a "Logo Design Portfolio" to work for you so you can quickly and easily stand out, build consistency, and increase your authority!

Regular Investment is $497


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"I love how my new branding turned out. The process was so fun to pick from the different fonts, styles and colors. I was able to create a combination of what Kristin offered that is truly me! I have a brand idenity now."

YES! I want to ensure every time i show up online i am consistent in appearance and feel.

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