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you only get one chance to make an impactful first impression

“Experts estimate it takes less than one-tenth of a second for someone to make an impression of you from your photo. They don’t bother reading your profile or digging deeper if their initial impression is negative.” - Claire Bahn, CEO of Online Profile Pros

Here's the thing... and it's pretty simple one :)

If you are showing up online as your authentic self and your visual language is ATTRACTIVE you will have a compelling personal brand... thus, people will find you interesting and desirable. 

And this ATTRACTION will lead to hundreds of new connections and followers. As your appeal increases so does your income. Yay!

It happens everyday… people find my profiles online… Skim my photos, read or listen to my content, if I add value to them, they will follow me, want to know more about me and then eventually seek what products I have that can fill a need of theirs.

But if my CREATIVE visual identity is not appealing to them… my ideal client won’t even get to my content. It all starts with visuals.

Creative > Content > Consistency > Currency

What others say about my content...

The more familiar we are with someone, the more we like them. So the more you tell your story with consistent visibility, the more people will know, like, and trust you. Show up every day to share original content to stay top of mind of your niche audience.

With original content being the number one way to gain the attention of new clients, you want to make sure you are showing up online as your authentic self and creating valuable content every day to your niche audience as you story tell. 

There’s so much opportunity to grow when you choose to tell your story and show up on the internet. Give your best advice for free and watch your business grow. 95% of your audience wants to pay you out of gratitude for the value you provided them.

The images you use on your website and social media can instantly attract and inspire your dream client, or they can turn people off right away. Using the right images gives your brand personality and credibility from the start.

How to gain the attention of new clients...

Creative > Content > Consistency > Currency

"When I first came in contact with Kristin her pictures and content looked so put together. She was so organized and everything was perfect and it all matched. At the time I didn't realize how important it was. I just knew when I came in contact with her stuff I thought "Oh, this is Kristin, I can tell." I knew this girl had her shit together and I wanted to get my shit together too." - Kelly Shepherd

"I fell in love with not only Kristin's posts but also her logos right away. She had a great style that I connected with immediately that made me feel like I want to be like her. Not comparatively, but I knew I needed to get my shit together so can do these things like her." - Jennifer Burkhart

"The visual elements of our social media posts either help to tell a story and share a message or they don’t. I like to think of the visuals as the entry point. They actually stop my scroll or tell me to keep on going. We all are more likely to engage and interact with profiles that feel like a friend. Kristin’s images can help you do that." - Jenny Does Grace

"I found Kristin through one of our businesses and I started following her simply because she had great posts on Facebook that were cute & REAL yet informative.  I love just how raw and real she is...what a  refreshing change!" -  Kimberly McDonough

"Kristin is amazing and I've been following her on Social Media for awhile. I was curious to see what I would learn from her." - Kristin Longacre

"Kristin's digital marketing strategy across all the platforms is consistent making her very trustworthy." - Cindy Nelson

It is not enough to have a fantastic website, beautiful logo, and cute quote images for Instagram.

It would be best if you had attractive blog post graphics, eye-catching photos for social media, polished promotional images, and so much more.

Instead of face-palming over your search for stunning visuals and content ideas would you love to have instant access to a gorgeous gallery of photos and graphics updated weekly as well as caption starters and campaign boards that make sense for your brand and business?

I thought so :)

No longer will you feel stressed and overwhelmed by finding a new image or content idea for every blog or social media post.

Would you like to feel empowered to rock your business with confidence?

These days online entrepreneurs are expected to deliver so much visual and authentic content. 

introducing: the grand library BY KRISTIN 

Where do most of my sales come from?
Inside my email list.

How do I add new daily subscribers to my list?
Through original content on social media and across digital platforms.

Look, I'll be the first to tell you that having something to talk about to my audience used to be a rather time-consuming and frustrating ordeal.

I'd be googling "boss babe images" and "social media ideas" on Pinterest at 10 pm to get something up for the day, then start the whole process again the next day.

In real life, I'm not that exciting. So what was I supposed to talk about every day? And who cared? Was anyone paying attention to me?

But... as I developed my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method - I took the time to break down WHO my ideal client was, the situation they were in right now, why they needed my service/product (their problem I could solve), and the value I could give them for free without ever spending a dime with my business... the content I wanted to share with them flowed so smoothly and natural.

It turns out I had a lot to share with them inside my life and business story.

• Over 5,000 high-quality Haute Stock photos with a new collection released weekly
• Hundreds of brand design elements including icons, brushes, overlays, and patterns
• Hundreds of pre-designed quote images for social media
• Plenty of pre-designed Instagram-sized templates for your own quotes and text
Exclusive Haute Stock designs by Kristin pre-sized for all social + digital platforms
• Exclusive Haute Stock holiday and seasonal campaign graphics designed by Kristin
• Sales and holiday campaigns for Instagram and Facebook Stories
Caption starters for endless content ideas
• How to expand your digital footprint across more marketing channels
• Master your sales process in less time with my simple methods
• Access to a community of other beginner entrepreneurs looking to scale their business 
• And so much more!

designer brand ASSETS and caption starters that will have you attracting new clients on repeat.

a subscription for women business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs gives you instant access to:


turn a hot-mess marketing plan into one with purpose and impact.

so what's included?

(total value over $10,000)


photo collections

You need beautiful blog post graphics, scroll-stopping photos for social media, polished promotional images and so much more but having extra funds to pay for a brand shoot is impossible and you don't have the extra time anyway if it were.

With my partnership with Haute Stock, the premier styled stock photo subscription for women business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs from around the world, you have access to over 5,000 stock photos.

Inside Photo Collections by Haute Stock you also receive social media graphics, templates, and design assets that you can use to build your brand and grow your business.

You now have access to images that are fabulous, functional, and on-brand. A new collection is released every week.

have questions about the photos? click here to View our faqs

annual membership

by Haute stock


exclusively by kristin

You want to consistently share original content everywhere from social sites such as Instagram and Facebook, to Pinterest, your Blog, your email list and so on. But each of these platforms has their own graphic size that works best for maximum visibility.

Instead of spending hours on digital design and sizing your graphics you can now use the Exclusively by Kristin collections of on-location and flat lay photographs. Each are pre-designed and pre-sized by Kristin Korn for all your social platforms and digital needs. Simply add your text or message overtop the image and you are set to post!

No more wasting time in Canva designing your own graphics if that's not your thing. Sorted by color to easily located on-brand collections that are updated monthly with new collections.

A new collection is released every month.

by kristin korn


campaigns + Captions

To gain the attention of new clients, you know you need to produce daily content for them to consume. But life happens, you're overworked in other areas of your business, and you've run out of quick content ideas. You want to produce impactful content but promptly.

The Grand Library includes caption starters with sentence templates to help you on your path to sharing purposeful content on social media in a way that works for you and your brand to attract more clients. Use these for email, blog, or social media copywriting. Never stare at a blank cursor again.

Plus, besides a quarterly Micro-Holiday Planning Calendar, you'll also have Instagram Story Campaigns at your disposal to create engagement and build trust with your audience. 

These campaigns and captions are updated monthly.

by kristin korn



You want to stand out online from a sea of other retailers and service providers but spending time inside Canva or Photoshop to learn new techniques to design your graphics isn't always time best spent in your business.

Since high quality graphics is a must and hiring a creative designer can be a stretch on the budget I've created short Canva demos that will have you looking like a designing-pro in no time. 

Plus, by producing your own graphics you'll be sure to stay on-brand using your brand palette, web elements, and font style.  Your original content will not only look attractive but your audience will start to gain a higher level of trust with you and this will set you up as authority in your industry.

These lessons are updated monthly.

by kristin korn


toolbox videos + workbooks

In order for your content to work for you, it's important for you to house content on multiple social and digital platforms. But researching how to use these sites can become very time consuming and possibly more of a financial spend.

Inside these toolbox video tutorials and workbooks you can quickly learn how to set up and use new online platforms to reach new audiences with your original content in order to scale your business. Includes lead magnets, email list, e-books, social media marketing and more. Isn't it time you run your business on auto-pilot? This method will do that!

Easily showcase your live Facebook videos on Youtube, then use the copy notes to create a podcast audio and blog entry. Or use your blog entry to share an article to LinkedIn. The uses are endless when you use my Focused Media Mix Strategy to get your content spread across more platforms that your niche audience is showing up on.

These videos and workbooks are updated monthly.

formerly known as think tank toolbox by kristin korn


show me more

show me more

my promise to you...

My name is Kristin Korn and I am an expert in Personal Brand Marketing and Business Building. I'm obsessed with social content strategy and email sequences... and love to teach others how to run a business on auto-pilot as they attract new clients on repeat using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method.

I've taken everything I've learned from my experience as a marketing director in the corporate world and from building my online businesses from scratch over the last 20 years.

I know how hard it is to not only find the right platforms and systems to use to grow your business, but how to actually technically USE them! I've stumbled and gotten back up too many times to count... but one thing is certain... the longer I've been in business the smarter I've become with my time.

I believe that with faith comes action and with action comes confidence. Today with a glimpse of faith you can turn your business around using the creative elements, content starters, and scaling lessons inside The Grand Library.

This is the ONLY MEMBERSHIP I offer and pour my entire creative, passionate and purpose-driven CEO self into it!  is going to give you everything you need to navigate building a (beautiful) lasting, scaleable business without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Every day spent without purpose and direction in your business is money wasted. Let me teach you my strategies.

The truth is... the grand library isn't for everyone. 

You've mastered Facebook and are ok-ish at Instagram but it's time to discover how to scale your business in order to reach more people and have your content work for you.

You've downloaded all the free Pinterest workbooks you can handle and are tired of relying on 'likes' to move the needle on your business. You want a real system that can take your business to the next level without wasting time and money learning every growth strategy on your own.

Let's face it, you feel you are a little late to the social media party. It's time to skip past all the mistake and obstacles that stop most business owners from scaling. It's go-time!

You know the Instagram algorithm can change at any moment. It's time to know exactly how to navigate new social channels and marketing avenues by leaning on other business owners who've gone before you.

You know that in order to grow a business you need to be on the internet. You've stumbled in the past and at times not even laced up your shoes for the race. But you are ready to give it a go. You are ready to dive in and stay consistent this time.

You've drug your feet on this whole personal brand marketing thing. You know attractive creatives have the power to grab the attention of new clients and you need the graphic help ASAP... more like yesterday. You want to be proud that you invested in your future self and grew NOW when you had the chance.

Creating content and knowing what to say in your posts has been hard to say the least. It's time you got your time back by relying on strategies that help you deliver impactful, authentic content to your niche audience and automate your business like a pro.

You've relied too heavily on company handouts for photo inspirations and campaign ads. This method isn't allowing you to stand out in a sea of 100k+ other reps. It's time to step into your expert role as you begin to reach and help more people with your product or service.

but it is for you if you can nod your head "yes!" to at least 2 of the following:

imagine how it will feel to have a brand that is... 


YES! I want to make over my personal brand marketing and take my business to the next level!

the regular price for all this is $597 per year...

But because I'm so passionate about showing up for your brand and helping you FINALLY attract new clients on repeat, you can subscribe to the grand library by kristin for just ... $497 per year!

A limited time $100 instant savings!

the bonuses

Let's talk about the extras I've dropped in

deepest savings? I'm in!

$147 quarterly-payments

$497 Annual-payment


paid 4x yearly

I love a payment plan! I'm in!

paid once yearly


Sign me Up!

Wait! There's more... I know that I can talk for hours and hours about creative design and copywriting... but there's more you need from me. 

Join The Grand Library to get access to:

Membership in the private Facebook group:  Want an honest review of your first IGTV video? Ask a question about Wordpress themes? Voila. We’ll make sure you’re supported every step of the way.

The Social Media Kit Planner download I've used in my own business.

... ME! I'll be dropping in the Facebook group and answering questions inside the Grand Library as you need me!

What's included in the Photo collections?

lifestyle stock photos

workspace stock photos

Instagram worthy lifestyle stock photos that make posting on social media a snap! You’ll find everything from travel, work from home, mompreneur photos, stylish fitness stock, interiors and so much more!

These photos are perfect for reflecting your brand beliefs and values.

If you are a boss lady or creative entrepreneur these flatlay and workspace images are perfect for you.

They feature tech and pretty props in a variety of layouts and color palettes, with lots of negative space for text.

These images work great for sharing your client testimonials and behind the scenes stories.

stock photo mockups

seasonal imagery

Showcase your designs with our beautiful mockup stock photos. We have paper, stationery, frame, computer, ipad, iphone and mug mockups in a variety of colors to choose from.

These photos are perfect for your digital storefront or promoting on your social feeds.

Our Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring and Holiday stock photos change every year.

These images are the perfect backdrop to create scroll-stopping social media posts using holiday conversation starters as well as and eye-catching seasonal marketing campaigns.

social media quotes

exclusive design assets

For those days when you just need something to post to share how you are feeling.

Pre-made social media quotes can be used to inspire, empower, or just make your followers laugh!

New quotes are released every month so you'll always have something fresh.

New Graphics Packs are released every month.

Full of gorgeous design assets like icons, backgrounds, overlays, frame, shadows, and brush strokes, forget about buying additional design assets elsewhere, we have you covered!

Use on your website, blog or Instagram Stories!

by Haute stock

photo collection categories

architecture & interiors


fashion & beauty

food & Drink

graphics pack


insta quotes




product mockups


tech mockups



without researching all the top platforms, tools and business building techniques on your own

Finally! How To take your business to the next level

You want sell more products and programs. You want to create content that attracts your niche audience. And hand raised, YES! you want to up your confidence game to become an expert (like you dream of) in your field.

"I've learned more tips and business building strategies in the last 9 months from Kristin's Toolbox than I have in my last 5 years in business ownership doing it all on my own!"

Dear Female Entrepreneur,

- Jennifer Burkhart, Iowa

so my question to you is...

Why are you dragging your feet to scale your business? Why haven't you started that email list, written more entries in your blog, or gone live on Facebook in the last month?

Your vision is to bring more people in to your business but what's stopping you from growing? 

It's time you stop wasting time. It's time you stop sitting in your comfort zone only dreaming of growing your business larger. It's time you stop watching other people use business building tools to grow their business.

it's time you put purpose behind your own business and start scaling

PHOTO faqs

how can i use the photo collection images?

Besides using these images for your website graphics, such as backgrounds, landing pages, banners, headers, sidebar buttons, etc. they work amazing to enhance your brand on your social media feeds such as Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget that these images are great for Facebook covers, Pinterest graphics to showcase a freebie, and Blog post graphics as well. If you have an online shop you can use these images for your product mockups and product photos. Simply overlay your product using an image editing software to create business cards and other branding collateral. If you need to display your design work if you are website designer/developer or graphic designer use the product and tech mockup images.

how do I edit the images?

Simply download an entire collection to your computer or mobile phone. Open the image in your preferred image editing program. You can use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Picmonkey, or Canva, or use a mobile app such as Unfold or Wordswag. You can then resize, crop, add text, or overlay your own products / designs to the images. Save to your computer or mobile photo library and then upload where needed. If you don't to mess with editing use the Exclusively by Kristin images that have been pre-designed for you - all you need to do is apply your text/message/quote overtop.

how do I make these work for my brand colors?

What's great is that every photo is yours to use for your own marketing and we want you to use them to enhance your brand. Since not all photos will include your brand colors one way to edit them is to adjust the tint inside Canva or apply your brand preset inside Lightroom. Color block overlays are another way to use the photo in your brand colors. All these design lessons are included in your membership!


There are a few ways you cannot use the images. Most importantly, you CANNOT share, sell, give away, or create derivative products from the images. They are yours to use for your own marketing, NOT to use for clients or customers, or to include in templates.

You cannot sell, loan, transfer, give away images or otherwise allow a third-party to use the images in any way. You cannot use the images for clients and customers unless they are also Haute Stock members. You cannot create derivative products from the images and sell them. For example, you cannot add text to a photo and sell it as a print or a social media graphic. You cannot use images to create branding or logos to re-sell them. You cannot use any of the graphics elements to create mugs, prints, etc.


Because you get unlimited access to The Grand Library by Kristin instantly, there are no refunds given on any of the membership payment options. If you decide that The Grand Library by Kristin is not for you, simply cancel your membership before the automatic annual renewal date. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your payment term (annual renewal date) and you can still use any images that you downloaded as a member.

(total value over $10,000)

I'm in! sign me up

annual membership

need authentic social media content ideas?

If you've ever been left desperate for social content to fill your feed you need this FREE caption starters workbook. Providing purposeful content that shows your real-life personality is key to growing online these days.