A magic feeling inside of you kept looking for another way to make it work. A way that allows you to be yourself. Can you hear the angels singing? Aww... You found a method that finally makes sense.

You know the exact platforms and programs you need to run a profitable online business.

Every day you're attracting dozens of strangers you've never met before from all across the globe. They are handing over their email address and lining up inside your sales funnel to learn from you.

You're monetizing the knowledge that you've been sitting on for a decade. You're carving your path and finding your purpose of who God sent you here to help.

You have a rock-solid content strategy that takes up only a few hours of your week—leaving you countless hours to spend outside of your business with those you love.

You did it! The online business you've always dreamt of building runs automatically while you skip out for the weekend and take a few extra hours from your day for some much-needed self-care.

Finally! you don't have to do it alone

You have A roadmap to follow and know how all the parts of your business need to work

you're wondering if you are even cut out for an online business

You've started your business (or at least thought it through 100x in your head!) and stalked every marketer on Instagram on how they attract clients to their brand.

You've dabbled in dm reach-outs, posted before and afters, awkward selfies, cute quote boxes, and even went live on video a time or two.

You may have gained a few sales from social media, but it indeed wasn't anything to write home about.

So now you are stuck. Your business is stagnant, and you're wondering if you are even cut out for an online business.

with so many failed attempts

ready for a
different outcome?

But it's not your fault.
You didn't know who to ask for help.

But to be honest, I couldn’t find what I was looking for in an online marketing plan. Often, what others were teaching didn’t exactly fit my industry - or I disagreed with the marketing tactics practiced across our channel.
So I threw out the parts that made me cringe and leaned on my intuition, and took action.

By reflecting on my experiences and sharing my beliefs, I created content around myself as a brand. I was thus making connections with readers and new clients in a way I had never done before.

As I continued to narrow down my core focus, I grew my business faster by focusing on a smaller niche of people with a specific need. It didn’t take long when other business builders noticed and wanted to learn what I was doing.

In 2017 I took action when God gave me an idea to start an email subscription for personal brand marketing tips. What began as 11 clients in my first month grew to over 400 paying clients two years later.

But I didn’t stop there.
I’ve always been a ‘systems girl.’ Meaning, I want my business to run without me being present to run it. So I took all the parts of my business and did just that. I automated it and developed my CORE Simplistic Sales Process.

Doing so freed up so much time that I could launch CORE Brand Marketing Group in October of 2020 to offer 1:1 creative and marketing strategy for serious online business builders. 

Today I’m proud to offer a DIY - do it yourself option inside my online courses or a DFY - done for you option inside my marketing group.

Options that allow you to TAKE ACTION and serve the people God sent you here to help - humbly and confidently - while allowing you more TIME with those you love.

Yes, it would be best if you wrapped your business with love and attention, but you don’t need to be INSIDE it 24/7 when you have a simplistic sales process in place.

As I reflect on what I did ‘RIGHT’ in my business over the years, I created the Brand Roadmap I wish I would’ve had from the start. 

A few years into my direct sales business (2015), I became frustrated with the copy and paste marketing tactics reinforced throughout our industry.

As a creative, I knew there had to be other ways to connect with my audience than with company photos and sales captions.

If I was sick and tired of seeing the same images and promotions in my timeline, I knew my readers had to feel the same way. So I searched high and low for a road map to help me stand out.

I turned to internet marketers, influencers, bloggers, authors, others in my direct sales industry. I bought over $10,000 in online courses + workbooks to LEARN how to grow an online business.

But I actually Struggled with this for a very long time.


you need a strong brand foundation that is unshakable to the core

Instead of copying with others are doing - you need to stand strong in who you already are.

you need to utilize the knowledge that already exists within you

Instead of following the crowd - dig deep into who you can serve with your skills, passions, and interest.

you need to share your real story not the story you think people want to hear

Instead of fill in the blank caption templates and here today gone tomorrow social media trends - rely on your authentic brand story to generate leads.

You need to surrender your fears for faith 

Instead of filling your mind with self-doubt, comparison, and naysayers - develop your brand in a humble, confident, and impactful way.


"My biggest take away working with Kristin is that is was so worth it. She made my project come to life and helped me with something I had been thinking about for 10+ years come to fruition."

- tara tonsetic


Discover Your Core Foundation:

Attract more people to your brand, which means when you know what you stand for, you will easily set yourself apart from others.

Monetize Your Influence:

Offer a strategic product lineup so that you can make sales by solving the number one problem of your ideal client.

Promote Your Brand:

Increase brand awareness, which means generating high-quality leads using a strategic content marketing plan.

Expand Your Impact:

Scale to reach more people, and that means increasing your sales conversions and growing your brand humbly and confidently.



Includes 4 full online courses + recurring membership.  THIS COLLECTION is a step-by-step series on how to build a confident, brand-focused business by applying an automated simplistic sales process.

I help busy gals who appreciate elegant, yet easy things go from feeling sunk in this fast-paced world to find a reliable and creative simplified solution for at-home soirées and hand-written cards.

I believe a personal touch is essential to this day and age.

Inside Celebrate with Simplicity, I provide shindig ideas and card supplies from makers and crafters around the country where simplicity collides with special moments.

writing your niche statement: (client example)


Attract more people to your brand, which means when you know what you stand for, you will easily set yourself apart from others. The first step to make your business more profitable, faster!

teach me please!

Course 1:
Personal Branding Playbook: 7-Day Mini-Course


(valued over $1,500)

What Makes You, You? - Instead of blending in, we are going to discover what makes you stand out. We will determine your core beliefs and interest.

Attracting Your Ideal Client - To attract more clients you need to be talking to the right people inside your content. We determine who your niche market and ideal client is. 

Finding Your Voice - We dive into your brand words, brand adjectives, and brand story - which make up your VOICE and how you share authentically.

Writing Your Niche Statement -  Let your ideal client know you have the solution to their problem once they land on your social profile or website.

Building Your Content - What content topics are best to use based on your core discoveries and lane. 

Continuing Your Journey - What to do after you know your brand foundation follow the roadmap to bring it to life using a sales process. 

STEP ONE: Discover Your Core Foundation

Course 2:
Brand identity basics Course

6 Video lessons + 30+ pg Workbook
(valued over $500)

60+ min of Video lessons + 30+ pg Workbook

(valued over $500)

How to create a consistent brand identity that connects. Appeal to the senses of your audience and influence their perception of your brand.

Overview: 4 Things Your Visual Branding Needs to Communicate (Video + Workbook)
When your audience can build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer you can easily influence their perception of your personal brand. 

Choose Your Brand Colors (Video + Workbook)
Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. So consistency in your brand palette allows your audience to build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer.

Choose Your Brand Fonts (Video + Workbook)
Learn all about how fonts frame the way your brain communicates visually to your audience, which means that it's important to choose fonts, that match that brand voice you want to put out to the world. Includes a Canva demo.

How To Use Your Brand Logos (Video + Workbook)
Once you’ve had your brand logo elements designed to match the vision, mission, and purpose of your brand, now understand how to use your personal brand logos.

Putting Your Face Front and Center (Video)
When you show up as the face of your brand you form a strong human connection with your niche audience.

BONUS - Lifestyle Headshots for Amateurs Video Tutorial (Video + Workbook)
I teach you how to use props, your phone, Canva for desktop editing software, and a little creativity to create endless photos for all your online marketing needs.

BONUS - Ten Canva Logo Templates
Not ready to pay for a professional logo? No problem. I've compiled ten logo templates inside Canva that you can easily swap for your own brand colors and fonts.

teach me please!

Your sales process is the set of steps you follow as you move a customer through your sales funnel.

Your website + Blog safely host your content and is a first point of contact for your ideal client.

How To Set Up A Passive Paycheck With A Simplistic Sales Process

Idea Generator Workshop: Use my tips to determine the best product line up for you based on your skills and experience. Serve your niche market with a strategic value ladder and digital product. 3 video lessons (Value $997)

Lead Magnet Workshop: Build the best lead magnet (ebook, quiz, etc) for your business that will produce endless leads to generate income from your sales funnel.  3 video lessons (Value $997)

Email Marketing Workshop: Set up your domain email, email sequences and automations to deliver valuable content at the right time. 3 video lessons (Value $997)

Blog Marketing Workshop: Learn how to set up your blog, write content, choose blog categories, and write posts to get the best organic reach for your content. 4 video lessons (Value $1297)

Product Launch Workshop: Use my step-by-step guidance to set up your entire online sales page and platform, and write effective copy for your pre-launch teasers. 4 lessons (Value $997)

5 hours of Video lessons + 100+ pg Workbook

(valued over $7,000)

STEP TWO: Monetize Your Influence

Offer a strategic product lineup so that you can make sales by solving the number one problem of your ideal client.

Teach me please!

 Scale Your Brand In A Humble, Confident, And Impactful Way Using Brand Storytelling + Creatives + Community. Let's face it; many mechanical parts make running a business online possible. The end goal is to create a desire for your product with content marketing and storytelling then send people into your sales process to do the selling for you.

Inside The Social Note membership you will find an online community for the business owner who wants to discover her voice, share her story, and develop her brand in a humble, confident, and impactful way. Every month we share healing and growth themes that help you heal as you grow your business.

As a business builder, you’ve been searching for the right mentorship that will allow you to show up as your authentic self without becoming someone you aren’t. This is the community for you!

STEP three:
promote your brand

 Increase awareness and generate high-quality leads.

When you can efficiently and quickly create, plan, and schedule your core identity content to increase brand awareness and attract more customers, you start to bring more people into your sales process. Inside my Content Marketing Strategy + Planning System, I teach you the secret technique to target your niche market with the right content at the right time which will lead them to a sale faster.

STEP four:
expand your impact 

I help online business owners go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of how to generate high-quality leads and increase their sales conversions.

I believe the two keys to establishing a lasting business are (1) using your personal experiences to connect with others and (2) automating your sales process.

Whether you build a sales process yourself or have it done for you, I want you to have options available so you can take action today.


I'm kristin korn.
Your new Creative & Sales Strategy Coach.