OK, I admit... as a creative to the core, my FAVORITE part of a brand strategy is the visual language. There's something so powerful to me to see a business owner have a consistent visible presence with a cohesive aesthetic. Their palette, logo, clothing, and web elements can tell me so much about who they are and their vibe.

Need help in this area? I'm your girl.

But, as a creative designer, I do not build your brand; however, I do help design your overall BRAND IDENTITY.

It's your job to determine your authentic voice, niche audience, and value proposition. Still not there yet? Start with The Content Connection Playbook™: 7-Day Brand-Discovery Mini-Course

After you have clarity in your brand, let's get started with your logo design portfolio. Allow me to create the desired perception for your brand by using visual language. 

the grand library by kristin

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We shoot and design brand photos so you don't have to. When you join The Social Note Community you have the option to upgrade and get access to The Grand Library.  Get instant access to over 5,000 drool-worthy, professional, luxe, and high-quality photos and exclusively created by Kristin graphics. This library not only allows your visual language to lead you to hundreds of new connections for your business but to scale across other platforms by learning new ways to connect.

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Every brand needs a consistent visual identity and every identity includes a professional brand logo. One that positions you as an expert and declares authority in your field.  

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Why use the same Adobe Lightroom Preset as her? Your unique brand deserves to stand out with your own unique preset settings. I take your brand palette into consideration to create custom presets just for you! No two presets are alike just as no two personal brands are alike! You deserve to stand out in a sea of influencers and insta-grammers.

brand lightroom presets

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They are back! New and improved designs and stock these cards will not only function as an informational exchange between you and your prospects, but they will serve as another reminder that you did it! You opened the doors to your business... because of course, it's official when you order business cards :) Let's get started.

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Determine what your personal brand palette should be based on your personality!

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Stop talking about this is the year you take your business to the next level and do it! This online library is loaded with creatives and content guidance to expand your digital reach to attract new clients.



Lacking a consistent visible presence with a cohesive aesthetic? Meaning, does your content visually look out of whack? Not giving the best first impression? For brand elements, logos, and more...


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You know that online education can make an impact on your business, and you've come to me for my best advice on leveraging your knowledge to create content or a digital product? You got it! Start here.

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