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who are doing BIG THINGS in their business.

They've come to understand how powerful having a personal brand strategy has been to their business. They are not only stepping up their marketing game but they are sharing their influence with the world to empower others! 

It's my honor to showcase a few of my consulting clients and course students who aren't letting fear get in the way of living out their purpose and sharing their gifts.

brand consultant + educator


I believe our purpose in life is to share our brand influence to serve and empower others.

Kristin Longacre

Hey runners... how often do you stretch? It’s easy to lace up our shoes and go for the run. After our runs, it’s easy to sit down and call it a day. However, we are doing a disservice to our body by just running and stopping there. Over the years many runners have debated what the best stretches are, when the best time to do them is and how long you should do them for. 🙃 I’ve researched, tested and learned my lessons through many of these theories.

In order to save you some time and effort I put my five favorites together all in one quick download! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 

running for beginners

5 stretches to complete after every run

jennifer burkhart

Hey business builders, Are you struggling with getting traffic to your website? Do you have great content, services and products, but you need more eyes on your site? And, what about your leads? Do you ever feel like you’ve exhausted your list?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, then you should be looking at Pinterest. Pinterest is now the #1 traffic referral for my business. 

Using my Pin to Profit method I will teach you how to grow your online business with Pinterest. You will discover a consistent flow of traffic to your site, generate more client leads and increase conversion rates to bring more profits to your business.🙌🏻 

pinterest for business

pin to profit method: free masterclass

cheryl cline

Need to forge a second chance path? I help women who want to leave an unhealthy marriage heal and move forward with a divorce without fear.

I believe in marriage, but I also think that divorce is seldom inevitable. No woman should carry the worry and shame that can come with divorce as they forge a second chance path. Using my “Steps To A Second Chance”, I teach you how to learn from the past, focus on the present, and prepare for the future.

You are trying to make the right decision, but who should you confide in? Who can you trust? Who needs to know?

your second chance

download my WHO to turn to PDF workbook

deborah svec-carstens 

In search of healing and hope after trauma?  I’m a writer, theologian, and spiritual director who helps women explore the question, “How does healing begin after trauma?”

My memoir, Toward the Light: A Year in Paris tells the story of my search for meaning and connection after I was sexually assaulted by a stranger in Paris in the early 1990s. In the eight months that followed, I began rebuilding a shattered foundation, excavating the depths within myself to uncover the courage, strength, and resilience that had always been there.

I now help other women do the same, sharing what I’ve learned about the intersection of trauma, the body, and faith.

life after trauma

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daniele mineck

Looking to host an unforgettable event or small party? I help gals on-the-go who want to create a meaningful and memorable event for their guests go from stressed and overspent to celebrating special moments with simplicity and style… all while staying within budget.

Using my exclusive Simplify With Style Event techniques, you can ditch the dark hole of online searches for good and discover the secrets to hosting an unforgettable experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.

In order to make sure you don't fail at planning your next event I put my top nine party fails together in one quick download! 🙌🏻

event styling

Download my Fail-Proof Party Guide

Tara Tonsetic

Want to add a personal touch? I help busy gals who appreciate elegant, yet easy things go from feeling sunk in this fast-paced world to find a reliable and creative simplified solution for at-home soirées and hand-written cards.

I believe a personal touch is essential to this day and age.

Inside Celebrate with Simplicity, I provide shindig ideas and card supplies from makers and crafters around the country where simplicity collides with special moments.

Ready to master the art of calligraphy? I've got a free class waiting for you!

personal touches

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YeS! I'd love to learn more about working with you!

When you work with me, we will start with a deep dive into your core foundation. We will define the problem you are solving, why you believe in your solution, who your solution helps, and the method you've developed for this solution.

Using all that information, we can develop your brand-focused strategic online marketing plan.

I believe the key to establishing a lasting business is being able to use your personal experiences to connect with others. 

We will use your method to generate user-specific content marketing, which directs readers to your email list via a strategic lead magnet.

Email automation will deliver invite sequences for your value ladder of products and offerings.

This sales process provides consistent leads as you create a desire for your method and products.

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