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Ditch Unsafe Toxins: Clean Healthy + Wellness Products You Need Today

health + wellness

I know there's a ton of chatter, opinions, and marketing messages around getting rid of toxins that could cause sickness and cancers. I am not a nutritional coach, dietician or pretend I know everything about a clean home or pure health but I learn a little more everyday.

I know that by choosing better, whole, non-toxic ingredients for my family we are able to live a healthier life... little by little. Not all at once.

Not only are we leaning into more plant-based, organic processed and organic produce in our meals... we are making better choices when it comes to the home as well.

I'm putting my money towards more products that come from nature which nourishes, protects, and heals the body. Join my journey of oils, skincare, supplements, gut health, brain activation, and cleaning products.  

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Shop my favs!

fashion + style

I've fallen in love with my on-the-move, working-mom style. My life is designed to offer me freedoms and my wardrobe is no exception. Follow me as I share my fun finds from my favorite shops.

If you live the working life... or the mom life, or both like me, and just want to look and feel put together, then this is the spot for you.

Let's embrace comfort and all things that bring us more confidence without the expense of style.

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Shop my outfits!

home + living

Whether I find inspiration from a new IG account or while flipping through my Anthropologie Magazine I love to share fun finds and unique styles I'm loving.

I have a weak spot for rugs, throw pillows, and Target $1 aisle finds. I mean who doesn't need a fake canvas pot in every room?!

I hope by me sharing corners of my home and favorite spaces that you'll find the courage to create your own.

Life is to short to not feel inspired in every one of your home + living spaces! Join me for home decor, DIY, and comfortable living.

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